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The Delran Athletic Association continues to closely monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation and impact to our young Players.  We are working with Delran Township Officials to ensure the most safe and practical policies are in place.  We are following the guidelines from the New Jersey Department of Health, see link on the right.

We ask that all Parents:
* Check your child's temperature prior to practice or games.
* Use common sense when determining if your child shows any symptoms, keep them home if there is any doubt.
* Limit the number of family members / siblings attending Delran AA functions.
* Follow the 14 day quarantine recommended protocol should you or a family member come in contact with a positive case.
* Follow the 14 day quarantine recommended protocol if you or a family member chooses to visit an "At Risk" state.
* Error on the side of caution if you are unsure of symptoms, contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.  

In addition, the Delran Athletic Association Guideline Committee has provided the following recommendations for Parents.  These recommendations have been adopted as part of the registration process agreement and acknowledgement for participation.  We ask that anyone attending Delran Athletic Association events abide by the recommendations below:

Parents (COVID) Code of Conduct

* Parents are encouraged to drop off players and either wait in the car while their child is at practice or drop off and come back. 
* Parents who wish to attend practice may do so from the sidelines, as long as they maintain social distancing/6ft apart. 
* Parents are encouraged to wear masks when at the fields in order to promote safe-healthy habits. 
* Players are encouraged to wears masks any time they are not active on the field, in order to promote safe – healthy habits
* Players must have their own water bottle/jug with their name on it.
* Only individual water bottles/jugs are permitted with each player. No sunflower seeds, gum or any type of food items are permitted with the player. This alleviates players trying to share these items amongst other players. 
* Parents are required to take the temperature of their child before each practice and game. 
* Parents are required to send their kids with their own hand sanitizer
* Parents are encouraged not to share food or beverages from their cooler (if they choose to bring one) with other parents or children. Parents must maintain social distancing/6 ft apart with their chairs and coolers. 
* Parents should make sure their child has their own mask with their name on it at all times during practices and games just in case needed. 
* Mixing of groups will be discouraged - All teams and groups for practice are pre-set. Please refrain from gathering in the parking lot or open spaces near the field. Stay with the assigned group/team. 
****Please Note – all bathroom facilities are closed at this time due to the ability to keep them sanitized, please plan accordingly.

Let's all do our part to stay safe and healthy during this time, our Players appreciate your support and cooperation!

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