Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about On-line Registration

What security is provided for online transactions?

The Delran AA has contracted with PayPal as our payment solution company. To view a copy of PayPals privacy policy copy and paste the link:

I don't understand all that techno-babble, what if it doesn't work?

We are confident that the services provided by PayPal will provide the utmost in transaction security, but even if something went wrong any liability for payments made via credit card over the intemet would be limited to $50 under current practices, just the same liability you would have for any unauthorized use of your card. Accordingly, we recommend the credit card alternative over electronic checks.

Well, that sounds a little better, but I'm a pessimist. Is there any way I can protect myself further?

Again, we don't believe that additional action is necessary, but several card issuers are now offering "cyberized" credit cards.

If you visit, for example, you can obtain their "cyberized" card, which offers a 100% Fraud Protection guarantee. If you use a Capital One card online or offline, you will not be liable for any fraudulent or unauthorized charges. Ms policy applies to transactions anytime, anywhere.

MasterCard International ( offers similar benefits for its E-Wallet, which offers a Zero Liability guarantee, complete with "peace of mind that you won't have to pay for unauthorized purchases. On the Web. Or anywhere else. You're always secure."

This generic solution is also integrated with several large card issuers (such as Citibank and Capital One), and you can easily register your existing card from one of these participating banks and obtain the Zero Liability coverage.

So, if despite the assurances of a robust, industry leading E-Commerce solution you remain uncomfortable, with a minimum of effort, you can takes steps to completely protect your card for use on the Internet.

Well, I guess I could, but why can't I just mail it in the old way?

For the past several years, we have struggled with the problem of efficient administration of the registration process, which is the single most time consuming administrative chore we encounter in manning the league. We have preprinted forms to cut down on entry and eligibility problems but the problems still remain. Entries are often illegible or erroneous. Data is missing, requiring calls to complete. Payments are missing or in incorrect amounts. Volunteers have had to chase people for payments far into the season, and of course, many hours are spent entering the information into our database.

We believe that programs such as ours need to run fairly for all, including the volunteers who make it possible to operate. This solution eliminates, at one stroke, almost all the Problems we have found. Data is typed, so it is legible. Controls exist that eliminate the possibility of forms submitted missing required information. Controls of data ranges stop problems such as the child born in 2003, a not uncommon error made by entering the current year where the birth year is needed. Deposits move directly into the bank. Registration cannot occur without payment. Payments are always in the correct amount. There are no unpaid accounts. Data is entered directly into the system and is available for use immediately. No more trips to the post office, or the bank. No more hours typing into a computer, or calls for additional info. We will now be able to utilize our scarcest resource, committed volunteer time, more completely in the operations, not administration of the program. This will help to improve the program's quality, and the ultimate winners are the kids.

Additionally, the system builds a sophisticated Email management system that will allow us to communicate more often and more easily with coaches and players. This alone would be worth the purchase, and it comes along as a by-product. The only way, however, to obtain all these benefits is to institute a 100% usage requirement. Any less than this resurrects the problems listed above. If an exception were to be made for one, it would have to be made for any that wanted it, and then we're back where we started.

We recognize that this will require some change and cooperation from some that are less comfortable with the technology solution. We hope that those individuals will consider any inconveniences encountered to be their small contribution of time and effort to help the league operate better for the kids.

I am sorry, but I still just do not want to do this because I do not have computer/internet access. Now what do I do?

We will have a few dates in which you can come to the Delran Middle School Library located on Chester Ave. across from the Municipal Building to register utilizing their computers. (See our News Page) Should you not be able to make these dates, you could always go to the public library or a friend's house to register. Do not forget to bring your credit card.

I am sorry, but I still just do not want to do this because I do not ever want to use my credit card on line. Can I still register?

Yes you can still register but it creates a great deal of extra work and delays for yourself and volunteers. We would really prefer you perform the entire registration on line. If you do not you must do the following- 

1. Go to and complete the registration form.
2. Contact the Treasurer via email and make arrangements to pay. 
3. Await final confirmation via e-mail
4. If you do not receive word within 14 business days contact us immediately.


1. Attend one of our on-site registrations where you will be assisted in doing the above and can pay by check or cash.

Understand that your son/daughter will not be registered until such time as the check has been received, clears the bank and the administrator transfers your registration information into the main database. You will then receive confirmation e-mail. Only then will your player be allowed to try out, be drafted and/or selected for a team. We will not be held responsible for delays or persons not being able to join the program because of such delays. We will try to assign ever player when possible.

I am sorry, but I still just do not want to do this because I do not like the idea of my child's information being available over the Internet. Can I still register without this "on-line" process?

Our site is password protected and an extremely secure environment. Nobody affiliated with our organization has access to your credit card information. The site actually will have levels of security greater than our old paper system. Only registration administrators have access to all registration information, commissioners to their age group, coaches to their team
No other types of registration will be accepted.

I have some extenuating financial circumstances, is there somebody I can talk to?

Please forward a letter to our treasurer describing those circumstances, the player's names/ages and what you may be able to do. This information shall be kept confidential.

The easiest way to do this is via e-mail. Send letters to the appropriate board member or all of them if your not sure.